5 Tips to personalize your wedding day

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Newly engaged? Struggling to create a memorable day for guests, and family alike? Stuck in a creativity block? Pondering ways to make your wedding day unique? Good news, you're in the right place!!

I often see clients struggle to personalize their wedding. How do you make a day that differs from most Pinterest weddings?

Remember personalization is the best way to make your day as memorable as possible. The #1 way to personalize your wedding is through design. It is easy to get distracted by the enormous amount of decisions to be made throughout planning, so I have compiled the top 5 ways to personalize your wedding!






#1 Bar Menus - I've had multiple brides include furry friends on bar menus. Let's not pretend guests don't spend an ample amount of time at the bar. Guests are able to have a sneak peek of the bride and groom's personal life with each drink order! See below!

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#2 FAVORS - Another great way to reach guests and make your day more memorable is to add favors into the budget! Pro tip - Choose a functional favor and get your money's worth! For example, a cup or koozie goes a long way with guests! It is a keepsake that they'll use for years to come.

Here are some my favorite favors I've seen over the years:





Hand Sanitizer


Brewery Stickers

Book marks

Shot glasses


Specialized cookies

Individualized honey jars


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Each favor gives guests a glimpse into what you as a couple love to do together or value!

#3 Memory Table - Another idea is to incorporate a memory table! This is a sweet way to include someone you miss. By adding a memory table, you are able to give guests a sight of the treasured memories you share with your loved ones. For more info, check out my Memory Blog at this link!

If you do not want a memory table, or cannot fit it into your floor plan, you can leave a memory chair open at the wedding ceremony. Also, including a personal item goes a long way! For example, a bow tie, hat, or piece of jewelry.

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#4 Host an Interactive Reception - Make your reception interactive with guests. Keeping guests happy with cocktails and music is a must, but a more interactive way to approach your reception is to include some great interactive tables or games. Pro tip - include a table with polaroid cameras or a photo booth! Who doesn't love pictures?

Here are some great ways to interact with your guests:

Photo booth

Shoe game

Polaroid table


Greenery Hedge wall for photos or any back drop

Date night suggestion table

Travel suggestion table

Letter writing table

Creative guest book

Include a hashtag

Hire a band or DJ

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Mary me Photography

Mary me Photography

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Another great personalization tip - include your alma mater!!

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#5 Choose your send off - The send off can be so much fun if you let it! There's nothing like your best friends cheering you and your new hubby on as you enter into married life together. Here are some awesome send off ideas we've seen:



Pom Poms


Smoke bombs


Glow sticks

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