Why hire a wedding planner?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hiring a planner is oftentimes a decision made far too late by couples in the planning process. I began writing this blog months ago, but dropped it to work on more pressing things. Now, as I am existing in my fourth week of quarantine, I finally allotted some time to finish it up.

It seems more appropriate now more than ever for brides to rely on their planner for the changes, postponements & cancellations in the wake of COVID-19. So far, three of my weddings have been postponed in 2020. It has been a heart-breaking journey, but we have all managed to regroup with grace.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

When asked if couples are hiring a planner, many clients respond with my mom, friend, best friend, or aunt will take care of it the day of. In all transparency, this makes me straight up cringe. Coordinating a wedding ceremony is a huge job for one person. No amount of delegation to friends & family will truly allow for a stress-free day. I’ve listed the three main reasons why hiring a wedding professional should be considered a MUST for your event.

1. Organization/Flow

2. Details


I understand clients are constantly trying to cut down on wedding costs. There are many ways to do this... excluding a coordinator/planner is not one of them. Hiring a planner that can direct you to affordable vendors & venues is the most primal way to save time & money. Investing in a planner allows for your event to not only be less expensive, but more reflective of you and your fiance's personal story.


The flow of an event can make or break a guest's perception of it. Think back to an event where you didn't know where to go, when to sit, when to stand, when to eat, or maybe even what room you were supposed to enter. The awkwardness created from the lack of event organization can break your event. People will not remember the beautiful flowers, details or decor over the fact that they went too early to eat because they did not know someone was tapping tables.

Hiring a wedding planner to oversee all logistical turnovers will ensure that your day is well-read and not awkward or unorganized. Planners oversee all announcements & schedule each logistical transition. They provide a minute by minute Master Timeline of your wedding day and distribute them to each vendor so everyone is on the same page. This guarantees organization & proper time management.


For many clients, the most overwhelming portion of planning hits a month before the wedding day. This is when all the details suddenly bubble to the surface. For example, who will place the memory table pictures out? Who will cue the wedding party processional? Who will oversee the ceremony music? Who will run the rehearsal? Who will bring the bride’s change of shoes to the reception? Who oversees the flip? Who will decorate the reception space while I am getting my hair done? Who will set out the unity cross at the ceremony site? Who will light the candles before the guests arrive? Who will set the bridal portrait out? I could go on forever…....... literally.

All of these are important questions, but better yet, all of these have one important answer: A PLANNER, aka a wedding expert who has been with the client throughout each wedding decision and has overseen the client's desires & will work hard to facilitate them.

It takes a lot for a planner to be surprised. They have seen so many scenarios that they are prepared for anything that may arise. Hiring a planner ensures all tasks are complete, items are in place, people are photo ready, and guests are informed. And most importantly, that you are feeling good. Feeling goooood about your wedding leads us to the next point.

STRESS Reliever

(This is every mother of the bride one week prior to event day lol)

Most people have never planned an event to this scale before. Others have never planned any type of event before. We can admit that this is overwhelming, I get that. However, hiring a planner not only assists in budget reduction & detail coverage - it actually makes for an easier, more enjoyable experience.

We are walking STRESS RELIEVERS. We work to make sure each task is checked off, each person is feeling good, each problem is met with a solution, and all worries are met with grace & calmness. As the industry grows, the need for a planner grows. Please note, most venues are now requiring a professional day-of coordinator (thank God), and this differs from a venue coordinator. Therefore, looking into hiring a planner is well worth the time & money!

I hope this post helps you with your decision to hire a professional for your event! Wedding planners guarantee organization, stress relief, & most importantly, fun!

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