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Hannah Strickland

Owner | Lead Planner

My passion for wedding planning stems from watching love stories unfold. Whether I’m watching Ross & Rachel on Friends or Nick and Jess on New Girl, love (with a healthy dose of laughter) has always resonated with me. As a kid, I remember watching the scene in A Cinderella Story where the couple was seemingly moving toward reconciliation and squealing with anticipation. My parents rolled their eyes every time, yelling from another room “Hannah, you’ve seen it a million times!” Honestly parents, like that mattered?


After studying Integrated Marketing Communication at UNC Wilmington & interning with versatile photographers, planners, and venue coordinators throughout Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Wilson, & Wilmington, I decided to step out & create a business on my own. This business is a blessing & wayyyyyy too much fun at times. 


Furthermore, I cannot truly speak about love without speaking on its Creator. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, the author and sustainer of love. The weddings I’ve planned have been in complete reflection of His grace and love toward myself and the couples I have served. Truly, He sustains each wedding and marriage, teaching me that trusting Him and working hard is imperative to having a successful business. 


Love, to me, is more than kisses in the rain and long walks on the beach (although I adore both of those things with my cute husband). It is about sacrifice, laughter, passion, joy, hard work, and a lifetime full of yes’s and no’s with one imperfect human and one perfect Savior.   


I hope to curate an awesome friendship throughout this journey. I am truly humbled for the consideration to be a part of your extraordinary day. We are going to have a blast!!

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